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Trends in Tourism 2022 & Beyond

Updated: Aug 27, 2021

Trends aren’t overnight fads, they are movements in consumer travel behaviour and desires that evolve over time.

While it's essential we keep our eye on core customers to grow our tourism business, it's equally important we have the other eye on emerging trends. This insight paper explores 17 trends in tourism that your business can embrace today.

This years report identifies 17 trends in tourism and asks you the all important question, what are you going to do about it.

Trends include movements in food tourism, solo and woman only travellers, the pursuit of wellness and transformation, over-tourism and slo-mo travellers. I know your busy so the report is short and sweet, leaving you with the task of conducting further research into the traveller trends that align with your business.

The beauty of modern marketing is that we can shape very specific experiences, offers and communications to target a number of niche travellers that align with the DNA of our tourism experience.

When reviewing this material, I suggest you answer the following questions:

  1. Which trends can my business deliver on? For example, can I be more aligned to the needs of the solo traveller or can I embrace travellers with a slo-mo desire

  2. What action can I take within my business to connect deeply with the needs of this traveller?

  3. How can I reach these travellers through communication?

For example, for solo travellers perhaps you could…

  • Add a page on your website that just talks to solo travellers

  • Run Social Media ads to single people with your offer to solo travellers

  • eMail your database of past solo travellers.

Download the free report here and take action to strengthen your tourism business.

Evolve Tourism Trends 2022
Download PDF • 31.85MB

David Inches

Founder and MD

Evolve Tourism

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