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30 Thought Starters for Tourism Blogs

Blogging is a proven tool for website SEO and engaging potential customers in planning. So why is it so difficult to find the rhythm of a regular blog? One challenge I hear frequently is how do I continue to evolve my story and approach? So in response I have prepared 30 thought starters to help shape your blogs for 2020/21.

  1. 25 Things You Need To Check out in Melbourne

  2. Must Visit Restaurants in Hobart

  3. Top 5 Family Attractions on the Gold Coast

  4. Noosa or Coolum - Which Do You Prefer?

  5. Checking out Perth on a Budget

  6. 16 Photos You'll Want to Take in Sydney

  7. 6 Steps to Booking Your Tassie Touring Holiday

  8. Step By Step Guide to Solo Travel in Outback Australia

  9. The Ultimate Guide to Backpacking Queensland

  10. The Ultimate Guide to Treking Oz on a Budget

  11. How to Travel by Train across Australia

  12. How to Maximize Your Time in the NT

  13. 24-Hours in Melbourne - The Best Itinerary

  14. A Long Weekend in Cairns - How to Maximise Your Time Away

  15. 2 Weeks in the Kimberley - The Perfect Adventure Vacation

  16. The Benefits and Drawbacks of Touring

  17. Tasmania's Top 5 Gin Cocktails

  18. 6 Secrets for Wildlife Spotting

  19. The Daintree Hidden Gems - What the Guidebooks Will Not Inform You

  20. Off the Beaten Track in Alice Springs - Go Wild

  21. Launceston - The Local's Hangouts

  22. How to Make the Best Fish and Chips

  23. Why Tasmania's Ice Cream Is the World's Best

  24. A Guide to Making the Ultimate Aussie Prawn Cocktails.

  25. Facts You Didn't Know About Mountain Biking in Tasmania

  26. 15 Interesting Things You'll Learn in the Margaret River

  27. 6 Unbelievable Facts About the Daintree Rainforest

  28. 25 Reasons Why Travelling Benefits the Soul

  29. How to Change the World While You Travel

  30. 6 Things We've Taken Off Our Bucket List and Why.

I'm sure you can see endless variations along this theme and I look forward to reading your blogs this year.

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