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The Evolve Tourism team have been testing new tourism concepts to measure Demand and provide visitor forecasting more than 20 years across all corners of Australia.  Demand forecasts are used to inform and underpin decisions around scale and style of experience and revenue models to support Business Cases.


Tourism Forecasting Approach


Step 1: Concept Development

Our approach to Concept Development commences with gathering existing inputs and insights by reviewing previous works. This starting base is expanded by exploring destinations and locations, holding conversations with locals and people close to the opportunity, original research with our partners BDA Marketing Planning to profile the priority traveller and explore destination awareness and assessment of other tourism experiences in the region and across Australia or the world

For further information on Concept Development click here.


Step 2: Stimulus Creation

Once the primary concept is clear it's time to visual the ideas for demand forecast testing.  This may involve gathering existing images from similar projects or engaging an architect to generate original work.

The stimulus will include written descriptions and images around i) the destination ii) the experience concept and iii) direct competitors.

Testing in the competitive context is critically important to secure a true forecast.  This approaches replicated the real world decision making process.

Image by Isaac Smith

Step 3: Demand Forecasting

Demand Forecasting involves presenting the concept stimulus online to the target traveller mix.  BDA are Australia's most experienced research agency and have the ability to reach respondents who i) intent on travelling to your region in the next 2 years and ii) have an affinity with your type of experience.  A demand forecast will deliver forecast visitation by month, optimum price points (for accommodation or experiences), levels of appeal for specific elements within the concept and open comment feedback on likes and dislikes regarding the concept.


Tourism Forecasting Projects

Evolve Tourism have partnered with BDA Marketing Planning, Melbourne since 2003 to deliver demand forecasts for tourism destinations and individual tourism projects.  The testing approach not only provides feedback on elements of the project, it delivers robust forecasts for visitor numbers per month to unpin decisions around project scale and projected revenues.  The following is a select group of projects that the Evolve Tourism team have drivers connect testing and demand forecasting.


Case Study



Brown Brothers Wine Group owned and operated its Devils Cornet Vineyard on Tasmania's East Coast. They approached David Inches to explore the sites potential for wine and tourism development.

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