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The Evolve Tourism team have been creating new tourism concepts for more than 30 years across all corners of Australia.  Our tourism concepts feed into new tourism developments for Regional Tourism Organisations; Councils and Private Investors.


Tourism Concept Development Approach


Step 1: Insights

Our approach commences with insights gathering through:

  • review of previous works

  • time exploring destinations and locations

  • conversations with locals and people close to the opportunity

  • original research with our partners BDA Marketing Planning to profile the priority traveller and explore destination awareness and perceptions.

  • assessment of other tourism experiences in the region and across Australia or the world

This rigorous and consumer driven process informs the next stage of Ideation.

Image by Alvin Lenin

Step 2: Ideation

The ideation stage engages specific professionals such as interpretation, food professionals and architects to apply stage one insights to form a selection of potential tourism opportunities in line with the project brief. Each idea is then placed through a series of internal filters such as meeting the project brief; aligning with traveller needs; potential for competitive advantage; operational realities and difficulty of development. This process forms our final concepts for stage 3, Consumer Demand Forecasting.

Image by Denise Jans

Step 3: Demand Forecasting

One core concept is selected for demand testing and the eventuating Business Case.  This task engages BDA Marketing Planning to reach out to the stage 1 identified priority travellers and test their appeal and intentions around the new concept. In additional to overall appeal the concept is tested to understand the importance of different project components and price sensitivity. All concepts are tested along side of directly competing experiences so feedback and response is gathered in the real world competitive context. From this investment comes demand forecast by month for visitors and revenue.  For more detail around the Evolve Demand Forecasting method click here.


Tourism Concept Development Projects


Tourism Concept Development Case Study



For over 20 years Simon Currant, Tasmanian Tourism developer and entrepreneur persisted at his dream of converting old Lake St. Clair Pumphouse into one of the worlds rare nature lodges. In 201? everything can together and Simon engaged long time college David Inches to assist with concept development and marketing.

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