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The most comprehensive offers from the Evolve Tourism team is the development of a Business Case.  These projects are commissioned to work from first thoughts and into financial models, funding pathways and structures.  A few  Business Cases of note delivered by Evolve Tourism include Devils Corner (Brown Brothers); Cadbury Dunedin; Pumphouse Point and Gordon River Cruises.


Tourism Business Case Approach


Step 1: Concept Development

Our approach to Concept Development commences with gathering existing inputs and insights by reviewing previous works. This starting base is expanded by exploring destinations and locations, holding conversations with locals and people close to the opportunity, original research with our partners BDA Marketing Planning to profile the priority traveller and explore destination awareness and assessment of other tourism experiences in the region and across Australia or the world. This stage also includes a high level planning and approvals assessment to understand development limitations for one or various sites.

For further information on Concept Development click here.


Step 2: Concept Testing

Once the primary concept is clear it's time to visual the ideas for demand forecast testing.  Demand Forecasting involves presenting the concept stimulus online to the target traveller mix.  BDA are Australia's most experienced research agency and have the ability to reach respondents who i) intent on travelling to your region in the next 2 years and ii) have an affinity with your type of experience.  A demand forecast will deliver forecast visitation by month, optimum price points (for accommodation or experiences), levels of appeal for specific elements within the concept and open comment feedback on likes and dislikes regarding the concept.

Image by Isaac Smith

Step 3: Financial Modelling

The final stage moves the agreed concept into the world of numbers and actions.  Work in the stage includes CAPEX estimates, operational budgets, revenue streams, projects and cash flows.  We design the business operating model and engage economists if you require an economic impact study.

A more detailed Planning and Approvals Study on the agreed site will support next step to Design Approvals.  Additional work from our (our your) architect may also be required to complete this stage.


Tourism Business Case Projects

The following presents a handful of projects where Evolve Tourism has delivered a complete Business Case.  Some projects are confidential and may not be shared.


Tourism Business Case Study

gordon river cruises


For many decades Gordon River Cruises operated a very successful 200 plus seat cruise into the far reaches of the Tasmania's World Heritage Wilderness. The cruise which takes travellers up the famous Gordon River was operating with competitive parity on price for main seat experience. The challenge to David Inches and Simon Currant was i) should GRC purchase another vessel and continue in direct competition or ii) can GRC differentiate to strengthen the customer experience and increase yield.



For over 20 years Simon Currant, Tasmanian Tourism developer and entrepreneur persisted at his dream of converting old Lake St. Clair Pumphouse into one of the worlds rare nature lodges. In 201? everything can together and Simon engaged long time college David Inches to assist with concept development and marketing.



Brown Brothers Wine Group owned and operated its Devils Cornet Vineyard on Tasmania's East Coast. They approached David Inches to explore the sites potential for wine and tourism development.



Northern Conquest Charters runs short and extended fishing charters from Townsville in Northern Queensland, Australia. David was approach to grow the business during difficult times as Australia's rural industry struggled through drought. The business was operating on a manual booking system and database marketing and word of mouth was the primary form of lead generation. The opportunity was to extend marketing the new markets through digital platforms

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