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Demand Traveller Attention with Mobile-first Video Ads

Updated: Aug 27, 2021

Mobile-first videos drive brand lift 27% more effectively and boost message association by 23% compared with video ads which are not mobile-optimised, according to Facebook.

The great news is that it’s very simple to create your own mobile-first video ads by using Facebook’s Video Creation Kit and Mobile Studio. These free tools don’t require any editing skills for professional-looking results.

‘Mobile-first’ describes content that has been designed for viewing on mobile devices and are ideal for capturing attention and generating more engagement on Facebook and Instagram. Customers spend five times longer looking at videos than they do at static images, which is why videos have become essential for tourism marketing.

Why Mobile-first Ads Work

Consumers today spend more time on their mobile phones than they do watching television, and a growing number of people use only their phones to access social media. Desktop-optimised content is not favoured by mobile-users because it’s awkward to navigate and doesn’t always load smoothly. In contrast, mobile-first ads provide a much more seamless experience, allowing you to engage with your customers on the platforms where they like to spend their time. You can also encourage one-on-one interactions by connecting your ads to messenger.

Creating Your Video Ad

Facebooks Video Creation Kit includes premade templates for producing high-quality ads in minutes. You can use your own videos and photos to design striking mobile-first ads which meet all the requirements for smaller screens. Start by clicking on Ads Manager, then choose Create Video or Create Slideshow in the Media section. This opens the kit where you choose your template. From here you just need to add text and images and edit your videos. It really is this simple to create your ad, but clearly there’s a great deal more to successful marketing than making attractive ads.

To maximise engagement, its essential to have a good understanding of how consumers use their phones and interact with video content. Our tips will assist you to design mobile-first ads that enhance brand awareness and generate more quality leads for your tourism operation.

  • Immediately establish brand identity. It’s essential to capture attention and ensure your viewers can identify your brand in the initial 3 seconds of your video ad, as this helps with retention.

  • Less is more. People are more likely to watch short videos to the end, and this will boost brand recognition. You can also repurpose shorter videos (15 seconds or less) to use for Instagram Stories and Facebook in-stream placements.

  • Use a vertical or square template. The majority of people hold their phone vertically and it’s a nuisance having to rotate it to view a horizontal video. According to Facebook, vertical-only content increases conversions by 16%.

  • Choose high-resolution images. Make sure your images are always high-resolution. Bold colours and backgrounds grab viewers’ attention, but they need to be in keeping with your brand image.

  • Design your ad to be viewed without sound. Because people view content on their phones in many different contexts, such as commuting or at restaurants, the sound is often turned off. Your message needs to be understood through visual storytelling and text rather than sound.

  • Think about your CTA (call to action) placement. When creating your ad, you need to carefully consider how consumers use their thumbs and forefingers to navigate the screen. This will help you place your CTA in the best location, ensuring your content is as user-friendly as possible.

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