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Removing the Fear from Purchasing

Selling is all about identifying and removing purchase barriers that prevent prospective customers from buying your goods or services. Purchase barriers are anything that stand between potential customers and a sale.

There are five common objections raised by potential buyers:

  • Cost. “I can’t afford it.”

  • Fear. “I’m scared I’ll make a mistake.”

  • Doubt. “I don’t believe it will work”

  • Time. “I’ll buy it later.”

  • Difficulty. “It’s too hard to use.”

When structuring your offer, it’s vital to address each objection clearly. Your goal is remove purchase barriers quickly and convince your customers that they will benefit from what you’re offering.


You need to reassure potential customers that they will get their money’s worth. Outline the benefits they will get from your products and/or services and explain how you can help them achieve their goals.

Discounting may be appropriate in some circumstances, but is generally not recommended as it devalues your business. Instead, consider offering a guarantee to re-assure the buyer and packages to suit different budgets.


Fear is a prime reason many prospective customers fail to follow through with a sale. People fear they will find a cheaper or better alternative elsewhere, or that they’ll be disappointed with their purchase. They also worry what other people think or that a purchase will not complement their self-image or lifestyle. Sometimes people are simply resistant to change.

There are many things you can do to combat these fears. Reinforce the value of what you offer and reassure clients that will be refunded if they’re not happy. Paint an enticing picture of how you can improve their lives. Provide testimonials from satisfied customers and offer samples when possible.


After being bombarded with so many false claims, people tend to be cynical about advertising promises. It’s your job to convince them that you’re not like the rest. A good way to overcome doubt is by including a FAQ section on your website that outlines what customers will receive and addresses concerns. Money-back guarantees and testimonials also help to convince people you can be trusted.


A common objection raised in today’s fast-paced world is lack of time. To overcome this, you need to make buying as quick and simple as possible. If most sales come through your website, measure how long it takes for someone to complete the purchase process. How many steps are there and are they easy to follow? How long does it take to reply to online and phone inquiries? Sometimes being too busy is just an excuse, so try to get to the real reason behind peoples’ resistance.


Buyers are turned off by products and services which are hard to use or access. To remove complications, include How To videos on your website and a list of FAQs. Offer free assistance to set up or install products and an online chat function to provide support.

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