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The Business of Facebook

A Facebook business page has become a prime marketing tool for large and small businesses. With over 2 billion users per month, Facebook is a simple and effective way of reaching target markets. A business page also provides access to valuable analytics, content creation tools and paid promotions.

To take full of advantage of this platform, it’s important to get the basics of your business page right.

These are the key elements of a successful Facebook business page:

  • A unique URL. Many people don’t realise they have control over their URL, but when establishing a business page, you can choose a unique address through the Settings page. Creating a URL that reflects your company name is an excellent start to branding your business on Facebook, but choose carefully because once selected it can’t be changed. It’s also important to get your Category settings right for your business as these determine which Facebook features you have access to.

  • An Informative ‘About’ Section. Take the time to create an informative ‘About’ space that succinctly explains what you do, using the right keywords to channel visitors to your business page. There’s limited room for text in this section, so make sure every word counts. This is one of the first places people will look to find out what your business has to offer, and as we all know, first impressions count.

  • Consistent Branding. Your Facebook business page should cohere with your other branding, as this may be the only place some customers interact with your business. It’s a great idea to use your company logo for your profile picture, or some other image that will instantly be associated with your brand to create recognition. Being recognised on Facebook is key to getting found in searches and generating leads and Likes. All images on your page should reflect your brand personality, particularly your cover photo which dominates the page. Make sure you choose an image with the right dimensions, view your page on different devices and check official guidelines as Facebook often changes its image dimensions.

  • Connection to Other Platforms. Your Facebook business page should link to other social media platforms, such as Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest to maximise your online presence. Facebook has made this easy by providing widgets which allow users to create tabs for other channels. It’s as simple as typing the name of the application you want to use in the search bar, selecting it and following the steps to install it.

  • Call-to-action Buttons. Some of the call-to-action buttons available on Facebook business pages include Contact Us, Book Now, Sign Up and Watch Video. The buttons can be customised to link to destinations on and off Facebook, and they are an excellent way to drive traffic to a website, get more exposure for promotional content and enhance conversion rates. Adding this feature is as easy as clicking on the “Add a Button” option on your business page.

An effective Facebook business page can give your business a real boost.

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